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We understand how important it is to maximize the medical insurance that you and/or your employer are paying a premium for each month. Therefore, Pristine Sleep Treatments are in-network with all of the major private insurance carriers along with the federal and state funded plans. This will maximize insurance coverage and minimize your out-of-pocket expense for each visit and treatment.


Before each visit or treatment, we will check your benefit coverage, and pre-authorize any service prior to rendering it. This will ensure that all visits and treatments will be a covered benefit through your insurance plan.


At Pristine, we believe in full transparency billing methods and will ensure that you know the cost upfront before each visit or treatment. We guarantee in writing that you will never receive a surprise bill for the services we provide.

Our in-network insurance carriers

Blue Cross
Blue Shield
BCBS Federal Employee Program
United Healthcare
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Pristine Sleep Services | Logo | Pristine Sleep Services